All it took was two days and I am back with Fedora.

Some old habits truly die hard.

This time I have taken some precautions tho. I went with the Xfce spin.

Gnome is my favourite, but until my mouse pointer stops shaking I will wait till I return.

So far at least my shivering mouse does not seem to crash Xfce, so that is a good thing. I have been allowed to work unhindered for a while now.

Still very annoying to see the pointer dance around when I put my finger on the trackpad.

Just very odd I did not have the same issue with Ubuntu Budgie.

Should I have stayed with Ubuntu Budgie. Maybe? Still, Fedora is more or less what I consider home.

Maybe it will be fixed in Fedora 28. As soon as the beta is released I will install it hope it runs smother.