A humble collection of the crypto tools I have written in bash script so far.


shOTPad was the first major crypto bash script I wrote. I am fascinated by the OTP crypto (not to be confused with one-time password) and wanted a challenge to see if I could make a functional electronic OTP. It took time to figure out the sequencing, but it was worth it.


As much as I value VeraCrypt I find the usage not so streamlined as MacOS’s Disk Utility when creating encrypted disk images. After some research I found a simple way to create an encrypted disk image using LUKS. All it takes is a few clicks and you have created an encrypted disk image and mounted it.


If you use Resilio Sync as extensively as I do it’s nice to keep track of your folder keys, especially if you are installing Resilio Sync to a new computer or server. The list is of course encrypted using mcrypt.