It boggles my mind that some users are willing to install that one extra app, such as Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger, yet Threema is the straw that brakes the camel’s back. That was how many started using Whatsapp.

Someone convinced them to install it, even though they didn’t really want to. Suddenly after a while they had more than that contact, you know, the person who convinced them to install it under protest.

I can understand that in the beginning your address book will look very empty. Just give it time and you might be surprised.

Wickr, Threema, Signal and Wire are messengers I’ve tried to get people to use by, as you can tell, casting a wide net. Unfortunately people don’t really care about privacy anymore.

I have now narrower it down to Threema, as my main messenger app, and Signal, as my backup. Still I am told having yet another app is too much. Opting for less secure options because everyone else are using that service.

From my point of view I have been nagging a lot to my contacts regarding Threema, but apparently not enough. I’m still trying to figure out a different, more brute-force, approach.

What that will be I’m not sure, but I’ll figure something out. At least for those who have my number and use iMessage.

If I meet someone new I will inform them they can choose between Threema or my email address. If they then beg for my number I will offer them the last and final option, Signal.

It’s baffling how the Internet can make it so easy for two people to communicate, but in the same time make it so difficult. It’s as if some approach the choice of messaging service as some kind of sworn allegiance to something.

Not to mention how some think their communication is either safe or mundane it doesn’t need protection.

As I will continue to preach.

Privacy is not just about protecting and controlling your own data and information. It is also about protecting the privacy of those close to you.